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About Gausta

Because there is so much to see and experience at Gausta, we recommend at least two days on the mountain. Then you will have time to experience both Gaustatoppen, Gaustabanen and many of the other activities in the area. If you can think of some day trips to other nearby places in Telemark, we recommend at least 3-5 days. Even then, you will hardly be full of impressions. 
Remember that the weather can change a lot in the mountains, so it might be a good idea to calculate a little extra time to perhaps fit in a day with clear weather and sunshine up on the Gaustatoppen!

The name Gausta is derived from Gaustatoppen, and is the collective name for several of the actors on the mountain (Gaustabanen, Gaustablikk Fjellresort, Gausta Skisenter). Gausta comes again from the old Norwegian word "Gausstod" where "gaus" supposedly means running water and "stod" should be a boat place or boathouse. The word possibly comes from a farm where Månelva, the river down on Rjukan, often flooded. 


At a distance, Gaustatoppen may look like a dormant volcano that watches over the area, but it is actually a completely ordinary, but extraordinarily beautiful, Norwegian mountain. 

The name "Gausta" probably comes from the old word "gausstod", where "gaus" means something like "flowing water" and "stod" (as in a mooring/docking place for boats). The name could be related to a farm which was often flooded by the water from Månelva.

In the area closest to Gaustatoppen, you can see Rjukan and Vestfjorddalen in the south and the Gausta area with Skipsfjell and Kvitåvatn in the east. But on a clear day you can see many other mountains that are far from here: In the north, you can see peaks like Skaget and Hallingskarvet, in the east Norefjell and Tryvann, in the west Hårteigen and Snønuten, and in the south, you see all the way to Brokefjell and Lifjell. On a clear day, you should even be able to see all the way to Dragonkullen on the Norwegian-Swedish border!

Today, the drop height is about 730 metres, from the top to the bottom station at the Gaustabanen. In the future, if the descent from 1939 becomes a reality, it could be up to 1,650 meters in height. All the way from the top down to Dale at the level of Rjukan. That's more than any other Scandinavian destination. 

Right now there are no plans to set up a ski lift up to Gaustatoppen, but Gaustabanen currently functions as an underground ski lift inside the mountain. It takes you up to the top in about 15 min.

Gaustatoppen is not Norway's highest mountain, but it is unique since it is the highest mountain in an area with significantly smaller mountains. From the top at an altitude of 1883 metres, you can therefore see large parts of southern Norway. If you include all the mountains and mountain peaks that you can see from Gaustatoppen, the area corresponds to about one-sixth of Norway's land surface. 

Where can I retrieve lost and found items?

If you have forgotten or lost something, you can inquire at the hotel reception.

Lost or found items/clothing are kept for up to 3 months.

Frequently asked questions

See what's open in our interactive piste map. Note that weather and conditions can change quickly in the mountain.

You can see daily changes on our digital screens around the facility, our Facebook page "Hva skjer på Gausta" and Fnugg.no/gausta.

Opening Hours April

  • 19.04 - 21.04   |  10:00 - 4:30
  • 26.04 - 28.04  |  10:00 - 4:30

*Vatnedalen is closed for the season

No, you must buy tickets for the Gaustabanen separately. See prices and buy tickets here.

Nightskiing is over for this winter season

Yes, night skiing is included with all day passes and multi-day passes



You can activate your season pass at Skipsheisen, Lilleputtheisen, Gaustablikkekspressen, Fyrieggheisen, Ronnyheisen, Parkheisen or Fjellheisen. 

Skiing is free for children under 8 years at Gausta, and dont need a keycard. Children aged 0-7, requires the purchase of at least one ski pass/season pass for an adult, youth or senior.

Everybody who uses the ski system must have a keycard, so that it is possible to pass through the gates to the lifts. We use keycards from Skidata. You can buy this at the same time as you buy your lift pass or use an existing keycard from Skidata. Children between the ages of 0-7 does not need to have a keycard.

If you have an existing keycard from Skidata, load your pass at the same time as you are buying your pass. (Enter the 23 digit number on the back of the keycard.)

If you don’t have a keycard you can buy it online. 

If you are buying passes for more than one person and some already have keycards and some don’t, you can buy their keycards online. Load the passes that you have and buy keycards for those who don’t have existing passes. 

If you have bought a season ski pass with a new keycard from Skidata, you can collect them in one of our lift pass machines/pick-up boxes at Gausta Ski Rental (next to Gaustablikk) or at Hovdestaul next to Fyrieggheisen. 

If you load your existing keycard from Skidata you can go straight to the lift. The first time that you go through the gate you will need to hold your pass still for 3-5 seconds so that the pass can be loaded onto your keycard. If you don’t have a keycard and have bought one online then you can pick it up from the ski pass machines outside of Gausta Ski Rental or at Hovdestaul. 

The smartest way to avoid standing in line, is to buy your ski pass online! You can buy new ones, or register and recharge keycards you’ve already got on the web. The ski passes are then activated the first time you use it in a lift. Ski passes can also be bought on location at the bottom lift stations at Hovdestaul and Gaustablikk. 

Please remember: All ski passes need a keycard. You can either buy one (a separate fee) when you buy your ski pass, or you can recharge and reuse a keycard you’ve had from a previous visit (in Gausta, or another resort using the same system).


The parks are open every day from 10.00-16.30.

The park in 1. Hotellbakken is open Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat for evening passes til kl. 20.00.

Gausta Skisenter has two snowparks. One on the Gaustablikk side in 1. Hotellbakken and one on the Hovdestaul side in 30. Parkbakken

Cross-country skiing

Yes, it is possible to bring a dog with you on the trails. Just remember to pick up after your dog, and throw away any trash at the garbage stations. There is a leash requirement between 1 April and 20 August by law, but you as a dog owner are responsible all year round for your dog not rushing towards, jumping on or standing in the way of other people/skiers.

The organization that is responsible for the cross-country ski trails at Gausta is called Gausta-Kvitåvatn Turistservice (GKT). GKT is operated as a limited company and is owned by private individuals, landowners and companies in the area and Tinn municipality.

The tracks are prepared every day during the winter season. At the beginning of the season and at Christmas, the tracks are prepared on the weekends. The goal is that the tracks should be prepared by 10 am every day after Christmas.

In April, the trails are only groomed on weekends if conditions permit.

You can follow the piste machine to see which tracks have recently been prepared on the cross-country map.


  • Every day light from dusk until 11:00 PM.
  • Every day light from 6:00 AM until dawn.

Ski Equipment and Ski school

We recommend that you join one of our guided tours if you are new to ski touring so that you can enjoy the experience safely.  Always included in our trips is a transceiver, shovel and probe.

We rent out skis, boots, poles and skins for alpine ski touring but not safety equipment as we  want to have 100% control of their maintenance and operation.

The equipment is divided into 3 levels.

The Cruiser package is suitable for beginners or who want to take it easy on the slopes.  Skis that turn easily and are light.  The skis should be 10-15 cm shorter than you.

Performance skis are good fun, skis that are more suited to speed and have better grip than the  Cruiser skis. The skis are better constructed and provide more stability at speed.  The skis should be between 10-15 cm shorter than you or body length depending on your preferences.

Expert skis are more focused and  are suitable for enthusiasts.  Wider skis suitable for freeride/off piste/ skiing down Gaustatoppen or piste skis which are more like race skis.  

We also have randonee skis and boots for ski touring and equipment for cross-country skiing.

In order to guarantee your choice of equipment we strongly recommend that you pre book your equipment. The most popular models can run out when it is busy in the resort.

If you pre book your equipment then your equipment will be ready to pick up when you arrive at the resort. You will save time and can get on the slopes more quickly. 

We will check that your boots fit before you leave the rental shop.

We have skischool! We adapt our classes to all levels! Read more and book at Gausta ski-og snowboardskole